Coffs Web Design

Services List

  • Web hosting/online storage
  • Domain name registration
  • Professional contact forms
  • Custom online stores
  • Fully functional preview websites
  • Free minor updates
  • Domain transfers
  • Full website transfers
  • Backups and software upgrades
  • Security and protection
  • Editable content sections
  • WordPress websites
  • Online e-mail access
  • E-mail account configuration
  • Automatic e-mail forwarding
  • E-mail account transfers
  • Remote FTP storage/accounts
  • Photo galleries/slideshows
  • Newsletter subscription services
  • Logo design
  • Graphic editing
  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Tumblr integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Shadowbox/Lightbox integration
  • Wikipedia-style databases
  • Hit counters
  • RSS feeds


What We Offer

Coffs Web Design not only offer standard HTML and CSS based websites but also a wide range of other options. We offer customised websites through Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress which utilise WYSIWYG editing to allow clients to edit elements of their website themselves with ease. Coffs Web Design can set up your own independently hosted Wikipedia-style database if you wish, an excellent tool for encouraging interaction between business and clientele, and a great way of providing information through an impressive and elegant medium.

We ensure that each of our clients receive a high listing in the Google search engine to allow maximum exposure (Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO). We register domain names and set up hosting packages on behalf of our clients and can provide your business with unlimited traffic, unlimited disk space, unlimited mailboxes and Perl, PHP5 and MySQL compatibility from just $180 per year. Security is also a high priority and we ensure that all our clients receive regular automatic full website backups, password protected directories, IP protection and spam, virus and mail filtering. Coffs Web Design also offer Facebook integration to help project your business towards a younger demographic.

Coffs Web Design is proud to offer personal consultations to discuss the direction of your website, and we can also provide your business with logo design services and other graphic work for an additional cost.

Special Features

Contact Forms

Coffs Web Design offers professional integrated contact forms designed specifically to suit each client. These include a CAPTCHA/Re-CAPTCHA anti-spam filter, an automated e-mail service whereby businesses receive instant notification of a client placing a request through the form, statistical analysis of when the form is used and a full database backup of all logged entries in the form.

Online Stores

We can offer online stores through which businesses can sell their products in a sleek and clearly presented manner. This is also an excellent way of generating exposure for your products and allows businesses to facilitate sales from international customers (should they wish) with ease.

Google Maps and Facebook Integration

We offer our clients an individualised map showing the location of your business, which is embedded in your website to provide a striking and engaging visual element to your contact section. We can also link to your Facebook page to create an instant connection between your business and prospective clients.